Formative assessment or assessment for learning, is designed to assist the learning process by providing feedback to the learner which can be used to highlight areas for further study and improve performance.

Formative assessment is intended to tell students how to improve their performance, diagnose a student's strengths and weaknesses, and guide students to improve their knowledge.

Formative assessment is often used to prepare students for summative assessments.

Assessment for grading as well called as summative or certificate assessment is for external purposes and does not normally provide extensive feedback to the student. It is intended to: pass or fail a student, grade or rank a student
Recommended methods and tools for formative assessment is the basis of our reflection.


Formative assessment case study
In this video it is reported the main differences between formative and summative assessment as well as basic methods to implement.


LMS and assessment

LMS are important tools to integrate all assessment process. Let us have an overview about it.


Formative assessment
Research presented by Prof. Olga Yokoveleva
Herzen - State Pedagogical University of Russia


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